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Got A Question That’s Not Answered Here?  Contact Us and We Will Be Happy To Help!

Macarthur Country Meats proudly sources its top quality meat from Australian local farmers.

We DO NOT Sell any meat from outside of Australia.

Macarthur Country Meats Provides MSA (Meat Standards Australia) Graded Meat.

For More Information About MSA Go To Meat Standards Australia

As each meat item is individual, there is no definite answer to this question, but on average 1kg of meat serves approximately 4 people, depending on the adult to children ratio. This is only a guideline and we recommend that you overestimate, rather than underestimate, as you may end up not having enough.

All of our Sausages are Proudly Hand Made on the premises and so size and weight can vary in each sausage, but we average that there are approximately 10-12 sausages in 1 kg.

If you have a special order or enquiry for something that is not currently advertised on our website, you can Contact Us on (02) 4655 2062 and we will be happy to help you as much as we possibly can.

Yes, Our Minumum Purchase Amount For Delivery is $50.

If Your Order Is Less Than $50 You Can Pick It Up Instore During Our Business Hours. (please contact us to arrange this)

We have no problem if you want to cancel your order. Depending on your payment option (Paypal, Wizpay and Afterpay), you may be charged an admin fee for our accounts to process your refund.

If, for any reason, your order was cancelled due to Macarthur Country Meats not being able to supply your products, there will be no fee’s charged.

Yes, as our meat products need refrigeration, they can not be left unattended outside your home.

Macarthur Country Meats will contact you to reschedule a time for your delivery.

If the delivery was missed on your fault, you will be charged an extra delivery fee of $15.

If the delivery was missed as our fault, you will not be charged any extra delivery fee’s.

Our Delivery Fee is $15 ……But If You Spend Over $100 Delivery Its FREE!

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You will be contacted by SMS with a day and time we can deliver your order once order is place.

Please add your preferred delivery date and time when placing your order and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Please note, no deliveries will be made on Saturday afternoons or Sunday’s. (Saturday morning deliveries are booked out fast as there is only a limited timeframe)

Macarthur Country Meats Online Accepts Pay Pal, which includes the option to pay via credit or debit card, COD, WIZPAY and AFTERPAY.

Macarthur Country Meats Instore Accepts Cash, Eftpos, AMEX and AFTERPAY.

Macarthur Country Meats uses photos of cooked products to show how mouthwatering our meat is once fully cooked.

We DO NOT, however, provide cooked meat.  All meat will be delivered Fresh and Uncooked.

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